Pewter Jewellery

Just some of the pewter pieces we have in our Scottish Borders store.

Pewter Pendant "The ANK" Pendant - £7.50

The ancient Egyptian symbol "The ANK" or "Key of Life" was used in ancient times to symbolise "Eternal Life" and was put next to people who passed over to the Spirit world to make there passage smooth. This beautiful symbol Pendant is made from Pewter and hung on adjustable Black Cord.

Pewter Pendant "PENTAGRAM" Pendant - £7.50


These pendants encases a 5 pointed star. The top point meaning "spirit" and other 4 elements "Earth", "Air", "Fire" and "Water". They are protected by the "snake" in shamanic animal totems the snake represents Primordial transforming energy. Commonly used in healing to support change, this Pendant comes with a Red Stone or Blue Stone.

Pewter Symolic Pendant "Celtic Cross" Pendant - £7.50


These pendents have a spiritual meaning of "Protection of the Spirit". This Celtic Cross in Ancient Celtic Mythology means ones spirit is protected and on solid ground . This pendant is hung on adjustable Black cord. There are 2 different designs available with black stone in centre or cross encased in a circle.

Pewter Symolic Pendant "Celtic Ring of Eternity" Pendant - £7.50

The spiritual meaning of Celtic knotwork in ancient Celtic mysticism is that "the knots or Celtic Rings have no beginning and no end" symbolising the eternal nature of the "Spirit" and the interconnectedness of life and nature. This pendant comes on thick black adjustable cord.

Pewter Symolic Pendant "Celtic Holy Trinity" Pendant - £7.50

This celtic design has roots in ancient Celtic mysticism. The Spiritual meaning of the 3 knots is "The union of Mind Body And Spirit" and comes on adjustable black cord.

Pewter Pendant "Dragon" Pendant - £7.50

In ancient Chinese Mythology the "Dragon" symbolises great power and strength and is used as a "protector" when entering into dangerous situations or places. This pendant comes on thick black adjustable cord.

Pewter Pendant "Sun" Pendant - £7.50

In ancient civilisations the Sun symbolises "Great Spiritual transformation, Devine energy and has Solar eclipses". The great pyramids and standing stones of Spiritual Communities were built in alignment with the "Sun". Golden Sun energy is used in Thai Chi to increase energy. This pendant comes on Thick black adjustable cord.

Pewter Pendant "Goddess" Pendant - £7.50

This beautiful spiral pendant is an ancient goddess symbol - used to represent the "Devine Feminine Power" which is from an ancient time when the goddess was worshiped. This is used in healing to "empower support and nurture" and to remind women to honour there Sacred power and wisdom. This pendant comes on thick adjustable black cord.

Pewter Pendant "Dreamcatcher" Pendant - £7.50

The "Dreamcatcher" in Native American Cultures is used to help people reach their goals, dreams or visions. If you believe in the "Great Spirit", the Dreamcatchers web will filter your good ideas and the bad ones will be trapped and will not pass. This pendant comes on thick adjustable black cord.

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